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Tom LeBlanc (CFOT, CFOS/T)Tom LeBlanc (CFOT, CFOS/T)


Tom LeBlanc (CFOT, CFOS/T), owner and Lead Bottle Washer, is a computer/network repair technician and cabling expert with more than 20 years experience.





Jodi LeBlanc (MSPS) is our Director of Operations and Head Chef.
With over 15 years of executive leadership experience, Jodi keeps us all in line and makes the the best chocolate chip cookies on the globe.




Ryan GayRyan Gay


Ryan Gay, PC & Network technician, OBU Student, and the First person you'd want to meet in a dark alley.  Ryan has been working with us for about 5 years, he is our go to tech in the trenches.




If you would like to join our team as a technician, send your resume to the e-mail address


Don't trust your success to just any computer repair shop.  We are a Small Business for Small Business.  Our team will work with your team to provide the Support Solutions best suited to your goals.

Know who provides your support! Personal Service, Every time


Your hometown computer solution, Shawnee Consulting is 100% locally owned and operated in Oklahoma.


We specialize in computer & server installation & repair, as well as networking hardware, copper & fiber cable installation for business of all sizes all over the State of Oklahoma.

Team Work

Working together we will customize solutions to your IT needs.

We want to help you increase your success.